Friday, December 9, 2011

Thank you!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Anna's extubation went fine. She is breathing on her own. She is safe for now. Don't know how her airway will be long term. Just praying for the healing of her airway. When they took the tube out she started crying, which is good sign that she is breathing okey. We were in another room praying for her. Doctor told me that I can hold her. Can you imagine how happy I was. It was like giving birth to her again and holding my baby for the first time. It was just miraculous. It was surprising for all of them and was so happy. Can you guess who was here to support us with Anna while the tube is taken. The EB nurse Geri Kelly. It was so nice having her here with us. Also the doctors and nurses here are so awesome. My father and uncle drove from Newyork and was with us at that time. My husbands' friend also came from Chicago.
Thanks again all of you for your prayers and the comments. I am sure that it is just the prayers that helped us to overcome this hurdle. Please keep praying for her quick recovery. Thanks!!

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  1. Glad to hear this news! I will continue to pray for Anna.