Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Anna was born........

We got our baby after a long wait and prayers. We longed for normal family like every one else. You know, a small loving family with two or three kids. But God had something else in store for us.

I had an almost perfectly healthy pregnancy. Anna didn't even cause me pregnancy problems such as morning sickness etc. She came four days late of the expected due date. My pain started on March 24th night, but was only a little bit dilated when reached hospital at about 5 am in the morning of 25th.
They gave me epidural and induced me. I tried for 6 hours. But the heart rate of baby was not satisfying. Doctor said baby is in some distress, but he was not sure about the reason. They gave me oxygen, but still baby's heart rate was not looking good. So finally we gave up and asked for a C-section. Thus my precious baby Anna, was born on March 25th at 2:43 pm. When they took her out, her breathing was not good. Doctor was saying that we made a good decision to opt for a C-Section.

Before they rush her to NICU, nurse showed her to me. First look at my cute baby! I was crying with joy of having my baby. My baby gave me a look while crying with her big black eyes. I can never forget that look she gave me. I felt like she is asking, 'oh mommy why did u wait this long to take me out'. But now I feel like, she should meant like, 'oh mommy, you don't know what I am going to suffer. You don't know how difficult my life will be'. Oh my baby, I was thinkng that once your breathing is under control we will get you back as normal without any problems.

But I am so thankful for God for giving you. I am so thankful for God for making us take a decision to not wait any more and take you out soon. You are an amazing little girl. I love you Annu..I love you more than anything in this world..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello World!!

Trying out my first blog post.
Weekends are off for me from work. So looking forward to have some quality time with Annu.