Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank you mom!

Today I would like to thank my mom for what she has done for us and for Anna.
My mom was at our side since Anna's birth. She has seen Anna's ups and downs. She has been staying with us for six and half months now to help us with Anna. Mom is going back on next Saturday to her home at NY. My words are not enough to say thank you to both of our families to helping us with this difficult situation.

My mom first came to help me with Anna's birth thinking that I will have a healthy baby. I wanted her to be by my side because I was so afraid of delivery and handling a new born. So my mom came over before two weeks of my due date, in March second week. I had a c-section, so mom was taking care of Anna day and night and me. I had to go back to work after 8 weeks. And my husband was a full time student and was working part time at school. Mom stayed with us till August end. Anna had a severe break down during 3rd and 4th months. My mom is the only reason Anna is alive today and as good as she is now. During third month she started to blister severely in her two arms and legs and on her bottom. We were not even able to take her and Anna didn't want us to take her either because of the tremendous pain she is in. I knew very little how much difficult it was taking care of her. Even the diaper changing was very hard on her and the daily dressing change. Thank God for sending my mom for our help. I don't know what I might have done with out mom's help.

By the time my mom went back Anna was completely healed and was stable. My mom always used to say that she want to leave after Anna completely healed so that I will be able to take care of her. I don't know how much I could thank you mom. After my mom left my husband's parents came and helped us taking care of her for 5 months. They left in January and my mom again had to come over. There was no other way I can go to work and take care of Anna. You may think that why couldn't I leave work. One of the reason was my husband was a student and my insurance was paying for Anna's medications And dressing and we had other problems as well.

Both times my mom came resigning her job to help me. I know everyone will think like that is the stupid thing to do to leave the job, but we really needed her help because of many reasons. I am so so thankful for my mom for her sacrifices and also to you pappa for letting my mom come and stay with us. My pappa was juggling with work and home alone. This time mom has been staying us for 6 and half months now.. Thank you so much mommy for your help. You are truly amazing and I mentioned you before you are an angel who God send to help Anna. Of course, both of our family are supporting and helping us. But I need to give her so much more credits, for her sacrifices, being day and night by our side helping with Anna from her birth, taking care of me after delivery and so much and so much. Mommy I love you I love you so much. You are the reason how I am capable of taking care of Anna now, you are the reason Anna is alive and good today, you are the reason Anna started walking.

Thank you mom for being my side. Thank you God for my mom. Thank you God for both of our family!! Anna you are blessed to have loving grand parents.

Anna I promise I will be by your side day and night like how my mom helped me....