Sunday, October 30, 2011

BMT to cure EB in Vietnam !!!!

This is exciting to know that researchs are going on around the world to find a cure for EB.
I just found a news that Vietnam done it's first bone marrow transplant to cure an EB baby. The results looks promising. Please see below.

There are several bone marrow transplant done in the US to cure EB. But the procedure for that is very risky and doctors are trying very hard to make it in less risky way. Now that this is been done on other countries as well, I am sure that there will be some hope soon.

If BMTs are becoming less risky, then it can be considered as a treatment option. Hope we will get some treatment within 5 to 6 years. The soon we can provide a treatment for Anna the better. Because the damages that EB causes to her body will be minimal. I thought to update the news right away, because This news gives me some hope to get a cure for Anna in the near future!!! Back to sleep!!! Then goodnight!!!!

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