Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corneal abrasion

Last week was horrible. Anna got corneal abrasion on her right eye for the first time. My poor baby was in severe pain. Wednesday morning she was not opening her eyes even after we woke up. She didn't even open it to wave TATA to us. Just said bye bye. We thought she may be tired and want to sleep more, but I had this strong doubt that she got some problem with her eyes. This is a thing that I was always afraid of. Friday we took her to pediatrician and then to eye doctor. Eye doctor was not experienced with EB but he was very gentle with Anna. When he tried to open her eyes to examine it, I was begging him to be very gentle with her. But he was very calm and did a good job. He put dye on her eyes to examine it and said that there is a scratch on her cornea, but it was already started to heal. He gave some medicine to put on her eye and asked to come back on Monday. He said by that time she will be fine. Last Saturday and Sunday was the worst days ever. She was not opening her eyes at all, whenever she open, tears will start to flow. And was very sensitive to light. We switched off all light, put curtain on all windows. The worst part is she was not eating or drinking anything. She won't sit down or lay down. I was carrying her all day long by rocking her. Monday also she was not opening eyes well. Doc asked to continue medicine until Wednesday and we need to go back on check up. By God's grace she is doing okey now. Wish, I could sit near her all night to prevent her from rubbing her eyes again. I can't imagine how much pain my baby is going through.

Whenever it hurts somewhere or itches, she will ask us to apply Aquaphore. Poor baby, she is thinking like all her pain and boo boos will go away with Aquaphore. If we say that we have some pain or some one coughs she will offer Aquaphore. She is a such a caring and loving baby. Wish she don't have to face such horrible and painful things any more. God please keep her safe this night and every night to come. I am so thankful for my baby. She is truly a blessing. I love you my Annu.

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