Monday, December 24, 2012

Thankful Xmas !!!!

It is been a long time since I wrote a post. I have been too busy with work and will be 12 by the time I get to sleep and then have to wake up several times to watch Anna. Anna has been doing so good last two months. She had only a very few wounds that didn't heal. We have been going out more lately. We got to go to church wearing nice dresses :-)we went Sea World. She got to feed ducks and dolphin there. She got to go in few rides also....She went Zoo and petting zoo.. She got to go shopping.. Went first time ever to shopping mall to buy her shoes and she got to try out her shoes.. She got some new friends.. She did coloring with them with crayons. She played ball with them. We went for xmas mass at church and caroling. She got to go to my work Xmas party for the first time. All my coworkers and friends got to meet her for the first time..., all the things every one takes for granted, I got to do with my baby during the last two months. I am so thankful to God I got to do all these small small things with my Anna.. She is so happy and wants to go out more often now. She don't have stranger anxiety as much as before now.. And we took the most difficult decision..we decided to do Tracheostomy on her. Her breathing has been labored so much lately. That is the biggest concern now. We want to save her life at any cost.. We love her more than anything in this world. I am still praying if there is any miracle to heal airway without that. We are taking her to Cincinnati Children's hospital for airway evaluation and surgery if needed. 24th is the appointment. Please pray for her for the safe surgery and recovery. And especially pray for her to be able to talk immediately after the surgery. If she can't talk, she is going to be very sad.. That is the biggest worry I have now. She is talking non stop now..I am praying so hard that she be able to talk soon after the surgery somehow. She is starting to get skin break down again. Hoping it will all heal again and all her pain will go away and she can enjoy life like a normal baby.. for her to be able to go to Zoo as much as she want..I now hope when we address her breathing issues her life will become little bit more easier.. I know there are so many complications with Trach. But hoping the benefits will outweigh it., Wish you all a Merry x'mas And A Happy New Year!!!!!

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